Principal Investigators: Vincent Gouttebarge, Gino Kerkhoffs
Co-Investigators: Thor Einar Andersen, Charlotte Cowie, Edwin Goedhart, Harald Jørstad, Simon Kemp, Marsh Konigs, Mario Maas, Emmanuel Orhant, Jussi Rantanen, Jari Salo, Luis Serratosa, Keith Stokes, Johannes Tol, Evert Verhagen, Alexis Weber
Institutions: Amsterdam UMC, FIFPRO, The Professional Footballers’ Association, Jalkapallon Pelaajayhdistys Ry, Union Nationale des Footballeurs Professionnels, Vereniging Van Contractspelers, Norske Idrettsutøveres Sentralorganisasjon, Spelarföreningen Fotboll i Sverige, Swiss Association of Football Players
Status: Ongoing

The Drake Football Study is the most comprehensive study to-date to measure the mental and physical health of professional footballers over time and was officially launched at a dedicated symposium in London in October 2019.

The study has been part-funded by a number of collaborators in addition to founding funder The Drake Foundation, and will involve partners from across Europe, including the World Players’ Union (FIFPRO), Amsterdam University Medical Centers (both the Netherlands) and Mehiläinen NEO Hospital (Finland).

The research team is led by Vincent Gouttebarge (Chief Medical Officer at FIFPRO) and Gino Kerkhoffs (Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Amsterdam University Medical Centers). Researchers will gather epidemiological data on musculoskeletal, neurocognitive, cardiovascular and mental health trends of professional footballers over their pre- and post-retirement years, with data collection anticipated to run for a minimum of 10 years.

It is hoped that this longitudinal study – the first of its kind – will provide new insights into players’ health across their careers and into retirement. This information could ultimately enable health professionals to develop preventative and curative measures for future generations of players, as well as wider society.



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