LATEST NEWS: Work in brain health or domestic abuse research or policy? Join us at the Drake IPV Symposium

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Drake IPV Symposium

The Drake IPV Symposium – Tuesday 29th November 2022, Woburn House, London View programme The Drake IPV (intimate partner violence) Symposium bridges the gap between research, practice and policy in IPV-related brain health, with the aim of identifying research gaps, setting priorities and equipping policymakers with the information necessary to make informed policy decisions around IPV and brain health. The inaugural 2022 programme showcased the latest research around domestic abuse-related head injury and translational learnings from head injury research in other populations, ...

Concussion – open access journal

Concussion is an open access journal from The Drake Foundation, published by Future Medicine Ltd. Concussion publishes peer-reviewed original research, reviews and commentaries addressing the assessment, management and short- and long-term implications of concussion. The journal highlights significant advances in basic, translational and clinical research, placing them in context for the future. Topics covered include: Studies and trials in concussion Biomarkers for assessment and predicting adverse effects Optimum biomarker selection, validation and application ...

Drake Sports Head Impact Research Symposium

First held in November 2016, the Annual Drake Sports Head Impact Research Symposium (previously the UK Sports Concussion Research Symposium) is co-organised between The Drake Foundation, Rugby Football Union, Football Association, England and Wales Cricket Board and the British Horseracing Authority. ​The Symposium aims to provide a platform to bring together the UK sports head impact research community, building the foundation for better collaborations and helping to accelerate meaningful developments and discovery in this fast-changing field. Upcoming meetings: The next ...

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