I am the Founder and Chairman of The Drake Foundation, which was created around my mission to understand and improve the long-term health consequences of a career in sport for professional athletes. In the Foundation’s first 5 years, we have invested well over £2 million into scientific research and resources to support sport, science and the wider society.

I am also Founder and Chairman of Future Science Group, a scientific publishing house focusing on breakthrough medical, biotechnological and scientific research. Alongside our publishing group, I have founded a collection of philanthropic foundations spanning sport, science, art, literature and music. The first of these was The Drake Foundation.

In 2015, I established The Drake Calleja Trust with renowned tenor Joseph Calleja, to support exceptional musicians from underprivileged backgrounds at the start of their careers. We have since expanded the Trust to support both classical and non-classical musicians, producers and songwriters, with saxophonist YolanDa Brown heading up the DrakeYolanDa Award for non-classical musicians.

As well as being a keen amateur artist myself, I am also Founder of a number of art and literature projects. For example, my team – on behalf of the artist’s family – are currently creating a database and catalogue raisonné for the great Rodin contemporary Paul Troubetzkoy.

I use my painting as a means to empathise with those involved in my philanthropic ventures. An example of my own art can be seen below; a portrait of Sir Jackie Stewart and his wife Helen. I met Sir Jackie through his charity, Race Against Dementia, whose mission correlates with that of The Drake Foundation.

Website: jamesdrake.com

Twitter: @jamesjpdrake