2016 UK Sports Concussion Research Symposium


The 1st Annual UK Sports Concussion Research Symposium was held at Twickenham on 23 November 2016. Capitalising on the independence of The Drake Foundation as a not-for-profit organisation and its growing reputation in the UK sports concussion research space, combined with the strengths of the RFU and FA to bring sporting leadership at the forefront of the concussion agenda, this 1st Annual Symposium provided the platform to pull together the UK-based sports concussion research community to facilitate collaborations and help to focus end goals.

The event started with a discussion of the current UK sports concussion research landscape, then allowed researchers to present research projects in areas such as biomarker identification and imaging, evaluation of treatment approaches, and studies designed to identify the potential long-term consequences of concussion, all with a look towards sharing new findings and approaches. The networking opportunities throughout the day and breakout groups looked to identify key gaps in the research landscape and explore how sport and academic departments can collaborate more effectively to help develop our understanding of concussion.

The organisers of the event hoped it will serve to build the foundation for better collaborations within the UK Sports Concussion Research Network and help to accelerate meaningful developments and discovery in this fast-changing field.

2016 Symposium Programme

Session 1 – UK Sports Concussion Research Landscape

Keith Stokes

Simon Kemp

David Menon – More than the sum of its parts

Session 2 – Snapshots of UK Sports Concussion Research in Progress

Etienne Laverse

Eanna Falvey

Michael Turner

Huw Williams

Valentina Gallo

Session 4 – Conclusions

Mark Batt

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