Concussion Database


The mission of The Concussion Database is to drive forward understanding of concussion, with the end goal of improving athlete safety.

This freely available educational resource for researchers and practitioners, gives unprecedented visibility and context to concussion-related research.

With reports of sport-related concussion on the rise, there is greater need than ever for quick and easy access to the scientific information that informs decisions. The new Concussion Database, with its powerful search tools, simplifies and accelerates the discovery of vital information.

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To enhance discovery and discussion, The Concussion Database aggregates and organizes five streams of information, including:

Index of 10,000+ articles
Fully classified and linked to author profiles, enabling networking

Essential Reference Libraries
Details of relevant assessments, technologies and fluid biomarkers

Meeting Planner and Newsletter
Listing of relevant meetings and symposia; quarterly newsletter


Help us advance the understanding of concussion to better protect players. Through sponsorship, your organization can be part of our mission and demonstrate your commitment to athlete safety.

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